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Put us to work for you!

At Conference Consultants Worldwide, our focus is you. The principals of our company serve as your advocates throughout the planning cycle to assure that your meeting is a success. You specify the meeting's size, budget, dates, and chosen city and we will solicit bids from the best available venues, negotiate valuable concessions, and reduce performance and cancellation penalties. You maintain control of your booking while receiving the best possible hospitality products at the lowest possible rates. We continue to work for you up to and even after the event; monitoring pick-up reports to help increase attendance, sending you reminders of important contractual dates, and stepping in to settle any issues with the hotel.

Over 30+ years experience and thousands of events booked, we have established relationships with hotels at both the organizational and site levels. You will benefit from the value and reputation of Conference Consultant Worldwide's client base as well as proven cost-saving strategies gleaned from our expertise on both the event planning and hotel management sides of contract negotiation.

Conference Consultants Worldwide is the executive assistant that you deserve, a valuable asset to your team, and best of all, because we are compensated by the venue for our services, our hard work is free to you.

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